6 Amazing Activities You Didn’t Know You Could Do on a Cruise

While the thought of spending days at sea may seem like the perfect time to curl up and read a great book, there are many fun things to do at sea. In fact, with so many fun activities, you may want to re-consider day excursions so that you have more energy to spend on activities on board your ship.

1. Go Skydiving

While you will not be jumping out of a plane, you can dive off a 23 foot tower on some cruise ships. Of course, you will have to take safety classes first along with wearing all the required safety gear. Making this even more fun, you are skydiving into a glass enclosure allowing everyone to see the expression on your face. After everyone has had a turn, expect the instructor to put on an amazing aerial show.

2. Ride the Water slides

Most cruise ships now come with amazing water-slides that most water parks would be proud to own. Imagine going up to 26 miles per hour down a water-slide where you only have the ocean below you.

3. Take Scuba Lessons

There is no need for airline employees to wait until they reach favorite scuba destinations around the world on cruises brought using interline discounts. Now, many ships are offering scuba lessons right in the ship’s swimming pools. That way, once you reach your destination, you will be ready to enjoy this awesome sport.

4. See a Planetarium Show

Many cruisers love to take cruises to see the Northern or Southern Lights, but it may be cloudy on the night that they still have energy to stay up that late. Numerous cruise ships have met that need by providing planetariums on the ships. Many feature illustrated shows during the day of the night sky above where the ship is traveling. That way, if you still have energy, you will enjoy nature’s show even more.

5. Ride the Observation Pod



If the cruise ship always seems to be in your way of seeing the best sights when at sea, simply climb in the observation pods. These pods are designed to allow cruisers to sit in a glass enclosure while they are whisked high above the ship allowing them to see amazing sites.

6. Have a Drink

Most cruise ships have amazing bars serving a variety of local and international alcohol, but some bars on cruise ships take it to extremes. For example, you can have a robot mix your drink, and they will even serve it to you. Color-changing furniture made of ice is featured at another bar that often visits fjords. On yet another cruise ship, the bar literally moves between decks of the ship allowing more people to get the drink of their choice at one time.

With so many innovative inventions aboard cruise ships, you need to pack your bags very soon to visit amazing ports around the world. Your airplane employee’s discount allows you to save money on fabulous cruise ships to most ports of call.

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